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Katie has helped us on many occasions with a variety of projects.  She has unparalleled knowledge of the market in this community.  When my wife and I were searching for our new home Katie was able to help us find what we were looking for on a very tight schedule. Thank you Katie for all that you do. 
-Joshua C, St. Helena
"your patience & kindness through the process have been invaluable! Thank you, very sincerely."
– Joe and Susan
Katie was the most astute agent I have ever worked with and just not afraid of anything.  
She has established a networking structure of superior quality that got timely results.
Thank you for everything, Jenny. You were amazing! Be assured that I will always recommend you. You are simply top notch and represent everything an excellent Realtor should be like. I cannot say enough good things about you. I am so glad you were available to help me. Thank you thank you thank you!”
- Astrid
Honesty – always the best policy, (even if it may not be what you want to hear) is not always present in the real estate market these days – Katie Somple is honest!  She is also extremely efficient and will be with you from inception to fruition.
-Ken and Terry, St. Helena 
If it were not for Katie and her ability to locate the perfect location/space to truly accentuate our business/brand, our business would clearly not be what it is today! In a word, intuition. 
-Monica and David, St. Helena
She went the extra mile with us on so many occasions. Katie was responsive throughout our process. She always answered emails and calls within 24 hours or less (even while on vacation).  Katie's smart sense of humor provided great relief during our stressful escrow. When you choose to hire Katie, you'll have the pleasure of working with an honest, world-class professional.
-Monique and Brian
Katie is truly a caring friend to her clients... She helped us achieve a solution for our family that put our needs well ahead of her own.
-Terry and Magaly