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How to Sell to Napa Valley Buyers
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Seven Tips on How to Sell Napa Valley Real Estate to Napa Valley Buyers


 Hundreds of articles on the subject of how to sell a house have appeared in numerous publications, offering pretty much the same kind of general advice that applies to most real estate markets. The following are tips and ideas that are tailored specifically to marketing homes in the Napa Valley.

 Napa Valley Sellers must first understand the profile of the typical Napa Valley buyer so you can ‘bait the hook’ with the proper bait when it’s time to sell.

 First and foremost Napa Valley buyers want a lifestyle that is enhanced, either directly or indirectly, by the wine country stereotypes they see in the media, or have experienced on a wine tasting vacation; i.e., sipping wine on a veranda overlooking bucolic vineyards, dining at four-star restaurants and living pretty much the life of Mayberry with wine.

 This stereotype of living in the wine country is no different than someone wanting a house on the seashore-assuming that every beachside resident takes long walks on deserted beaches wearing rolled up Dockers, over-size beach hats and flowing skirts, and that every house has an Adirondack chair on its deck and a welcome sign that reads “Welcome to our Beach House”. Therefore, buyers who want to live in the Napa Valley envision themselves sipping wine on their deck overlooking bucolic vineyards at sunset and dining on the weekends at chic restaurants or cooking for friends in their chef’s kitchen.

 Whether a buyer is moving a young family here, or looking for a weekend home or looking to retire, they choose Napa Valley to experience, on some level, a rural but sophisticated lifestyle that is centered around the enjoyment of vineyards and wine.

 Therefore, depending on what they can afford, a buyer, even on the low end of the scale- who perhaps can’t afford their own  vineyard, or even a vineyard view- will want “proximity” to a vineyard for taking walks, or proximity to the great restaurants if they can’t afford to live next door to the French Laundry. They want wine cabinets and an outdoor setting that is conducive to entertaining their envious friends and family who visit from out of town.

 Secondly, Napa Valley buyers want charming architecture. The definition of charming translates as ‘anything that isn’t a tract house”. The four main types of architecture and style buyers seem to want are: rustic chic (age blended with modern style), European-influenced homes, quaint farmhouses or classic cottages.  

 To summarize, most Napa Valley buyers want proximity to vineyards and unique architecture and style.

 Therefore the key to marketing Napa Valley real estate is in staging your property to fulfill Napa Valley buyer’s expectations. Take a moment to read over the following Seven Tips that focus exclusively on how to sell to Napa Valley home buyers:

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