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Sellers: One of the best marketing tools a seller can employ is a spider web broom- one with a long extension handle. The presence of spider webs, inside or out, scream discount to potential buyers (even on the nicest homes). Prior to putting your house on the market, de-web the entire property including eaves, window and door screens, sills and skylights. These brooms work better than hosing, brooming or vacuuming. Keep it handy and make spider web duty one of the last things you do before a potential buyer looks at your property.
Buyers: One due diligence step many buyers skip, or never think of, is to pull a property’s information jackets at the city or county planning department. These jackets can contain house plans, plot plans, permits, professional and hand drawings of key assets such as additions, leech line and septic locations, and even letters from past and present complaining neighbors. In many cases sellers of homes have never pulled their own jackets so they’re not even aware of the treasure trove of information they often contain. You’ll need the seller’s written permission, property address and APN (parcel tax ID #). Napa County Planning and the Environmental Health departments are located on the south east corner of Coombs and 3rd in downtown Napa. Your agent should accompany you but it’s not required.
(Note to Sellers: Do you know what information a buyer might discover in you property’s jacket? You should.)

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