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Who's Your Realtor
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Who’s Your Realtor?

Most people know at least one real estate agent who has earned their loyalty and respect. This advice isn’t for you. This message is for buyers and sellers who haven’t established a trusting bond with a local Realtor, but may soon need to.
If you’re a seller, I recommend interviewing up to 3 potential listing agents, using the following primary selection criteria:

1. The agent who is most forthright about your home’s value contributors and detractors
2. The most knowledgeable agent on current market conditions and your competition
3. The agent who presents the best price logic- not the highest price!

If you’re a buyer, it’s easy to get ‘trapped’ into a relationship by directly contacting a listing agent for info on a particular listing. While this is tempting, it’s far more strategic and beneficial to hire an agent and then let your agent set appointments for you. Buyers in search of an agent should look for independent, objective representation from the start to prevent misunderstandings about who is representing whom. I recommend vetting a buyer’s agent in three ways:

1. Research them on line: (Google,, blogs, MLS biographies)
2. Call them on a Friday night or a weekend and see how long it takes them to get back to you.
3. Determine if you ENJOY talking and being with them? (Life is too short to invest your time and trust with an agent you don’t like and admire).

Whether you’re a buyer or a seller- tell agents you’re interviewing for the professional that best suits your needs and working style.
No agent owns your business: we can only earn it by performance and reputation.

Katie Somple is a 10 year real estate veteran in St. Helena. Reach her at 707 235-8585

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