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Defining the Napa Valley Lifestyle
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What is the Napa Valley Lifestyle?

LifeStyle Properties was founder on the reality that people who move to the Napa Valley co me here to fulfill a lifestyle goal. Much like the world class blends of our fine wines, the Napa Valley offers a rare and unique style of living that balances and blends sophistication with simplicity.

The simplicity comes from the small town, rural atmosphere and the agricultural setting. A slower, friendlier pace encourages the proper alignment of priorities such as family, celebrating friendships, health, and the fulfillment of personal life goals.

Sophistication is generated from the principal that like attracts like. Napa Valley’s world class wines and vines attract other world class assets such as health facilities, culinary arts and restaurants, education and of course real estate.

The Napa Valley lifestyle is about privilege, though not the privilege of the wealthy or exclusive, as one might assume given the real estate values here. The privilege of living here comes from the realization that the land and resources of the Napa Valley are limited, and therefore only capable of supporting a finite population. Past, present and future generations come for the same reason: to pursue a life well lived.

The Napa Valley lifestyle is as much a frame of mind focused on appreciation, as it is events and activities, or the renowned wine industry icons. Entertaining and enjoying life is celebrated and demonstrated through architecture, design, furnishings and personal style.

In terms of real estate, the Napa Valley lifestyle is defined through architecture and décor, represented by an eclectic mix of old world European styles, much like the influences of French, German, Spanish and Italian wines. From Tuscan villas to Craftsman and California bungalows, charm is the key to style and value.

You’ll find many homes accentuate the indoor/outdoor lifestyle that Napa Valley is known for. After all, with the valley’s temperate weather and impressive views, who wouldn’t want to incorporate an outdoor element into everyday living? Expansive lawns, pools, patios, decks, solariums, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, brick ovens and bocce courts are key elements of the Napa Valley lifestyle.

Napa Valley décor common denominators include simplicity, universal floors (same flooring in every room of the house), kitchens for entertaining and cooking for a crowd, unconventional materials applied to conventional uses, outdoor furnishings selected with as much care as indoor,
For nearly a decade I have been “selling” the Napa Valley Lifestyle. I have sold houses to newcombers and sold houses for multi-generational locals. I am often asked, “Just what is the Napa Valley lifestyle? It can be partially summed up by three “S.s”: simplicity, style and sharing.
Simplicity is the best backdrop for tranquility in the hustle and bustle world of the information age. Returning to a simpler time is a goal for many who seek the Napa Valley life style. Simplicity is expressed in furnishings, where less is more, in simple dishes made with fresh ingredients, and even in people’s preferences of wines (they drink what they like, period).
Simplicity is also seen in the classic dress style of wine country locals. Blue jeans, loafers, a cotton dress and flats, or polo shirt for the guys; linen slacks with a tank sweater for the gals. Knee length safari shorts with a Patagonia zip up vest and red-wine-stained work boots is the classic uniform of a Napa Valley winemaker.
Style permeates everything that is Napa Valley, from the architecture of the quaint residences to the food pairings of the world-renown restaurants. Style is the way you uniquely design your home and landscaping to fit into the wine country landscape, as opposed to standing out like a sore thumb. Style is in winemaking, ranging from the buttery malolactic Chardonnays to rocket fuel Cabernet. Style is in the design of your wine label or store front. Signatures of style are everywhere, and those who achieve great wine country style present a pleasing product that doesn’t have to shout to get your attention.
Sharing is the key ingredient to living the Napa Valley lifestyle. People come here to make and share precious life experiences such as an al fresco dinner with friends, a special occasion party, or a week-end gathering of family.
Sharing is the foundation of the wine industry’s mission statement. Artists share their art, they share their visions and theories. Wine is donated to charities generously.
Sharing is the sense of community whose life-blood is the growing of wine grapes and the making of great wine. Every resident is united by this endeavor in some way.